The Devil Wears Prada

Released 6/30/06                              Rated: PG-13

So I’m a little on the fence about this one. I really like the first half of this movie, but somewhere along the line… it doesn’t lose me, but it just isn’t as enthralling as the beginning.

Best part of this movie is Meryl Streep. First of all, let me just say that she looked absolutely fabulous in this role; I especially loved her hair.  And good grief this woman can act! She definitely deserved the Oscar nomination for Best Lead Actress. She simply exuded authoritative promptness boarding on impatient. No one else could have done it as well as she did.

I really liked the opening sequence. The visual representation of just how far out of her element Andrea is stepping is awesome. The stark contrast between everything, from the ground up, was Lingerie, clothes, make-up, and then also breakfast and transportation to work all at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Plain Jane throwing whatever on versus High-End Holly’s careful construction of fashion. And may I just note that everyone looked amazing in this movie. They used real designers’ clothing, and I wish I knew where I could find some of it. (Or afford it.)

Now, I did not care whatsoever for the love angle aspect of this film. I wasn’t even sure who you were supposed to be routing for. I liked the boyfriend more than …what’s-his-face, I don’t even know what to call him (the not-boyfriend?). Yeah, not-boyfriend wasn’t even cute, so I didn’t really buy their little fling. They could have left any twisting love subplot out of this movie and it would have been better. I wouldn’t have minded more Miranda (Streep), or Stanley Tucci’s character, Nigel. I love Tucci in everything I’ve seen him in. He’s such a great actor, and he did a crazy good job with Nigel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    since I did not see the movie I cannot reply
    but I enjoyed reading your blog.

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