Edge of Tomorrow

Released 6/6/14                              Rated: PG-13

In my opinion: best movie of the summer. There are a few films coming soon that could give it a run for its money, but if you ask me Edge of Tomorrow is going to be hard to beat.

Considering that it’s a movie based on repetition and do-over’s, I didn’t feel like I was watching the same thing over and over again. I was never bored, like how I get when I’m http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edge_of_Tomorrow_%28film%29fighting the same battle again and again on a video game; that gets old. This movie could have easily been a broken record, but they managed to make it fresh and new and entertaining every time. Even for Cruise’s character! I didn’t feel like I was watching Tom Cruise in another action movie. You know how some actors get stereotyped, and all their characters run together because they’re basically the same one, and all you’re left with is the enjoyment-block of watching the actor on screen instead of his/her intended character? Not this time around! Thank heaven. That might have been everyone’s hesitation with this film: “We don’t need another Tom Cruise action flick.” Go see this one!!!

While the love angle was present in the film, it was rather underplayed, and I appreciate that. It doesn’t need to turn into a love story. The chemistry between Blunt’s and Cruise’s characters is great. You can see them start to kinda like each other, but that’s it. Many movies these days include a love story that feels forced; like I’m supposed to want them to be together, but that ends up sacrificing the story. This felt natural.

Emily Blunt’s character was great. She wasn’t just some pretty face in the war, she was a bad ass Sergeant who’s willing to do whatever it takes to take down these mimics. She wasn’t the damsel in distress, or even the girl following the main dude. She was in charge, calling the shots, and it was a breath of fresh air. It’s really hard to find a strong female role in a movie like this. I can’t imagine anyone else doing better.

Everything came together really well. The actors, the special effects, the story, the coolest aliens ever! They were totally awesome! I am going to own this one when it comes out on DVD.

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