Begin Again

Released 7/11/14                              Rated: R

I would recommend going to see this movie. This one was really good.

The movie really brings it back to what music should be; the joy of creating something. It also shows just how easy it is to lose what’s important amongst what labels push for. That could be said for anything, not just music. Somebody (Joe Shmoe) creates something awesome and unique; he wants to be able to share it with everyone and do what he love for a living; finally gets signed on and the company says “Love it! But change it. This is what the public wants,” and before he knows it he’s sold out, trying to get more money, and not what he loves to do. [That was not a synopsis of the film] This happens all too often in Hollywood, and is why I strive to see movies like Begin Again. I would rather see movies like this honestly make it in theaters rather than have sequel upon sequel come out, each one ultimately worse than the last, fighting for our money.  The only way that cycle will ever be broken is if people stop going to see those movies, and it’s never going to happen.

This movie is awesome in a few different ways. First: this is not a small town to big leagues movie. If you really want to think of it in those terms it deals more with what happens to someone when someone else close to them gets big. Not really though. The point is it’s not an I-want-to-be-famous movie. Second: it’s not a linear narrative. Most of it is straightforward in the story, but the beginning backtracks a bit here and there. It’s not difficult to follow at all; it’s just a nice change of pace. Third: the music is pretty good. It’s not overdone, it’s not bubblegum, and it isn’t top 40. It’s good music that I can believe these characters wrote. Fourth: This movie feels realistic. Emotions, situations, characters, music… all of it felt rooted in reality.

This really was a great movie. It will tug on your heartstrings, and it will also make you feel great. Find it and go see it.

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