Curious George

Released 2/10/06                              Rated: G

What I love most about this movie is the fact that it really is a movie for the whole family. It’s not dumbed down for preschoolers, who, let’s face it, is the target audience for this film. While there are crazy animated antics for the little ones, the writing is what makes this movie fun for the older ones. I’m not saying the jokes are sophisticated, like how Shrek has  more adult humor jokes, but I feel like adults can appreciate the writing more so than“Barbie This” or “My Little Pony That.” For instance: the King Kong reference, and Ted having kid-friendly road rage. I love it!!

This movie deals with the establishment of the classic characters. I remember watching the old cartoon VHS tapes when I was little, which were more like a visual audio book. I don’t recall hearing about how George and The Man in the Yellow Hat came to be together, but I feel like I could believe this film’s story. I also love how they explained away how he’s always wearing the yellow suit. This movie gave the classic stories more of a bigger feel, rather than “this is every day life.” If that makes any sense.

After watching the deleted scenes I wish most of them had made it into the final film. Normally I don’t when it comes to animated movies, because it changes something I love. Usually the deleted scenes go off on a tangent or bring the mood down, but I feel like all of these only add to the quality of the movie.

Overall it’s a great film for children. I’m sure parents will appreciate the lack of overly high-pitched voices. And the majority of the soundtrack is by Jack Johnson, so the movie stays in a rather calm undertone. The voice actors were spot on; this is one of my few favorites from Will Ferrell. I love it. I think it’s great, even if it is simple… much like this post.

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