Released 7/11/14                              Rated: R

It was a good movie, but the ending left us with this kind of “meh” feeling. The movie was awesome; actors, premise, effects, etc., but the ending was a bit lackluster and I’m not entirely why. It wasn’t a bad ending or anything, but I guess they could have built to the final point a little better as I didn’t feel it matched the awesomeness with the rest of the movie.

For those of you who have never heard of this title before here’s the scoop: In 2014 we injected a new chemical into the atmosphere to counteract global warming and ended up causing a new ice age. Now in 2031, humanity’s last survivors are all living on this massive train in constant motion on a global track, with the poor located at the end of the train looking to overthrow the caste system set in place to keep them there.

All the actors involved are awesome; they gave great performances. This movie doesn’t rely on the crutch of explosions and crazy special effects to please audiences, which is something I’ve been waiting for. This movie will take you on a ride. All aboard!

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1 Response to Snowpiercer

  1. Bryan Mooney says:

    I watched this movie recently and enjoyed it, but your right the ending was a little meh. I have a soft spot for these dystopian types of movies, and this one did not disappoint. Nice Review

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