Released 7/25/14                              Rated: R

This one was either going to be really good, or really bad. If you’re expecting a B.A. action movie, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re expecting a thought-provoking film, you’re going to be disappointed. If you don’t have any expectations, and are willing to go where it takes you, you’ll be okay. I’ve read that it’s a superhero movie that doesn’t take itself seriously; it’s by no means funny, but sadly it left most audiences with a less than great taste in their mouths. They had expectations.

I can appreciate it for being an atypical film, but they could made it a little more structured. In the very beginning of the movie they juxtaposed the story with shots of wild animals. Lucy’s boyfriend is trying to get her to take the mysterious briefcase in to the building, and then they show a cheetah stalking a gazelle. That metaphor is too easy, but I liked that and wished they’d done that throughout the film. What they did do throughout the film was track her brain capacity progress. She would use her powers and then we’d be shown a percentage at the end of the scene: 20%, 40%. I would have liked it to have been more distinguishable instead of goinging “Oh, that was 50%. Okay, cool.”

[SPOILER ALERT for rest of post]

The drug is way too far-fetched. I can stretch my imagination to believe that this new top-notch drug came from baby development, but that it’s so powerful if you absorb (small quantity) within a few hours you’ll literally disintegrate? Then again, I suppose we have to remember that this is a drug that when (small quantity) is taken you freakin’ lose your ties to gravity. What in the world did they manufacture this stuff with?? And this is probably nit-picking, but aren’t ingesting something orally and in the bloodstream two completely different bags of cookies? At this point in the movie though, you are stuck on this ride, and whatever they say goes. I also can’t say that I buy once you max out 10% of your brain capacity you become this emotionless humanoid. You become more logical, yes, but to basically become a robot with a vague wonder at what you can do, no.

There are so many theories they could have explored. I didn’t care for this one. I would rather watch the show Kyle XY, as it’s roughly in the same general area, kinda. I feel it has a more compelling story, anyway.

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