Released 5/9/14                              Rated: R

I hadn’t even heard of Chef until it had been out a month. This movie is on its last legs at the theater, but I finally saw it. Everybody said it was good, and I’d have to agree. I can’t remember the last time people clapped as the credits began to roll…that wasn’t an opening weekend.

Chef is about a guy who loves to cook, but his boss doesn’t want him to be creative when a big food critic is coming, he wants him to keep making the same things that have been hits. After a series of events, not really getting a handle on how Twitter works, it’s time to get a new job, and he decides to get a food truck like his ex-wife has been suggesting for a while. With a new team in tow, they fix up the truck and travel from city to city doing what they love.

I very much enjoyed this movie; it was a ton of fun. The plot didn’t feel redundant or typical. I especially loved how they incorporated social media. They didn’t saturate the film in it; it all felt natural. The Twitter bird would fly away every time someone sent a tweet. And we’d get to see the Facebook page update, and the pictures the kid took of their travels.

My only problem was the tail end of the film; as in the credits are rolling. I feel there could have been more development in that area throughout the film for this to happen, but I’m willing to let it slide.

This movie is great fun, it’s inspirational, and I only wish I could cook like that! Definitely check this one out.

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