Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Released 10/17/14                              Rated: R

This movie was amazing. I personally related to it because of the portrayal of Keaton’s character and how much we get inside his head, which was done very well. It’s hard to get something like that just right. The scene where he turns reality into his next movie is me probably 80% of the time I’m alone. I’m just off in another world entirely.

On the surface this film is about a former blockbuster movie star trying to reignite his career by adapting a short story for Broadway for himself to star in. But then reality starts trying to knock the door down, and troubles keep spilling through. This film also comments on many points such as acting on the stage vs. in film, being relevant in today’s society, being in control, and coming to grips with reality. AND the majority of the movie appears as though it was shot in one long take, which only adds to the raw power captured by the fly-on-the-wall camera following the characters around.

Released in a time in our cinematic history where comic book blockbusters are thriving, (the film even drops current names) Birdman takes a look at the struggle of breaking away from being an iconic image and risking it all to do something more, especially when that iconic image literally haunts you. Throughout the whole movie you can’t tell if Keaton’s character, Riggan, has hit his breaking point and is crazy, or if he really is Birdman, and ultimately it’s really left for the audience to decided because the film drops hints to both possibilities. It’s a fun little mystery on top of Riggan trying to prove he’s more than what he’s been labeled.

The acting is simply superb. Everyone: Keaton, Norton, Stone, Galifianakis, and Watts are brilliant and simply a wonder to watch. Usually when I see a good performance I’m like: this is an amazing character, but here I didn’t see the characters, I saw them all as real people just caught on camera. I couldn’t even tell if that really was Zack Galifianakis for the longest time. I would LOVE to see him in more roles like this; he would be crazy good!! I want to see him act, not get sucked into the silly comedic roles he’s most known for.

Overall this is a really good movie on so many levels. Go check it out!

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