One Day

Released 8/19/2011                              Rated: PG-13

I wanted to see this when it came out, and then I just never got around to it. Nine times out of ten (and I can’t think of any examples so it might actually be ten times out of ten) I don’t end up seeing dramas at the theater; especially if I’m by myself. It’s kind of exhausting in a way. You have to be in the mood, and sometimes you even need a pick-me-up afterwards. It can be hard to tell which ones are going to take a lot out of you. lot of people liked it, and a lot more didn’t, including most critics. The only negative comment on the film I will agree with is that Anne Hathaway’s accent is a little all over the place, but I’m no expert on accents and if I hadn’t heard that note beforehand I probably wouldn’t have paid that close attention. This isn’t a bad movie, but it is very real. So if you’re looking for your typical run-of-the-mill fairytale romance with the Hollywood ending I suggest you find your favorite and watch that instead.

I haven’t read the book, but the premise of the movie was interesting enough: we only see one day, the same day, a year spanning about two decades. My only concern with doing that is that you almost have to meet the characters anew with each jump; a needless worry, for they pulled it off very well. At first it was a little jarring, but once I got into the groove of things the transitions were seamless. I was also a little worried about the “show, don’t tell” rule, but they did a great job with that too, and it’s part of what makes this movie so good. They don’t tell us Dex has a problem with drugs and alcohol, we see him exhausted and strung out in the morning before visiting his parents after a night of intense partying; likewise with jumping ahead a year to find Emma dejectedly reciting the differences in jimgaffigan-mexican foodthe Mexican dishes all in one go without the customer even having to finish his inquiry about the menu to show us that she is stuck in a dead end job instead of advancing in her writing career as was her plan.

This movie was different than I thought it was going to be. This isn’t your typical linear run of a story, not that there’s really any work involved in watching it. At times there seems to be more heartbreak than not, but if you’re willing to spend the emotions, give it a shot.

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