Kingsman: The Secret Service

Released 02/13/2015                              Rated: R

This is the most fun I’ve had in the theater in a while. But with this movie you have to allow it to have fun. If you’re looking for stoic James Bond serious spy film, you’re going to be disappointed. I wouldn’t say it pokes fun at James Bond/spy films, but like I said, it has its fun.

There’s some good CGI, and there’s some really bad CGI. I’m a stickler when it comes to bad CGI; it sticks out like a sore thumb, but this didn’t ruin the movie for me. Now, the fight scenes are sped-up action, I’m not talking about that; that worked. It graphic novel-esque (which this movie was based off a graphic novel.) I’m talking about the descent down the dressing room to the “subway” tram, and the severed body parts. That was painful, but I’m willing to forgive them for it.

I really enjoyed this movie for the story. Normally with these “new recruit” spy films we follow the newbie as he’s training and either he’s ready for his first mission or he’s thrown into it before he’s ready and it’s a struggle but he manages somehow. This felt fresh to me. The new recruit plot line still had room for the “old school” spies. In fact a motif of this film is mixing the old with the new. New spies in an old organization, global warming instead of global domination, cell phones and gun fights. I’m not explaining it very well, but it’s there. Now I never saw any of the old Bond films, so I don’t know exactly how reminiscent of them this movie is, but I they pay homage to them a good bit. They even call it out. They constantly reference movies and characters and classic tropes.

I loved Colin Firth; he did a great job, and did most of his own stunts! I want to see him as a bad-arse more often! Of course I loved Michael Caine. Jack Davenport was under used. Mark Hamil was under used; I didn’t even recognize him until my husband said something, and then the few lines he did have, sounded like the Joker. Loved it! I liked Taron Egerton, thought he did a great job. Samuel L. Jackson: nice! I love it when actors get a new type of role; he was awesome! He made a pretty good villain here.

Go see this move. Have fun with it. It was awesome! You’ll never look at an umbrella the same way again. 🙂

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1 Response to Kingsman: The Secret Service

  1. adrianwehunt says:

    Very good review. This movie was solid all around, of course, with a few blips that only show the primer through the paint.

    I felt the style felt very close to the first Men in Black, with a rough- around-the-edges, but sleek approach to action movies

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