Uptown Girls

Released 08/15/2003                              Rated: PG-13

“They’re about to teach each other how to act their age.” I love that tag line, and that’s exactly what this movie is. Molly is a grown woman who still acts like a child because she’s always had it all being the surviving daughter of a rock legend. When it turns out she’s broke she goes job hunting– a completely new experience– and ends up as a nanny for a little girl who is in desperate need of a childhood. Throughout all the ups and downs Molly learns to grow up, while Ray learns to chill out.

This is one of those movies that’s difficult for me to categorize, because I want to say it’s a http://www.moviepostershop.com/uptown-girls-movie-poster-2003romantic comedy, but it’s not really like how You’ve Got Mail is a romantic comedy; it’s neither a straight up comedy, nor drama; what it is is a well-balanced movie. And it’s actually deeper than I originally thought it was. There is a lot of visual symbolism in this film, and I appreciate it so much more for that now. The Looney Tunes clips of Wile E Coyote and Road Runner interlaced with Molly “chasing” after Neal when he finally tries to leave; the shot of Ray on the back of the subway train when she would clearly rather spend the day in her room; and obviously the teacup ride when the girls feel as if their worlds are spinning out of control and all they want to do is try to match the speed.

My only wish is that they were able to delve a little deeper into Molly’s life. They did an adequate job, but I almost feel like it flew by too fast. It seemed like every other scene was of her life upturning again, and I would have liked a little more detail shown. The fight with Ingrid, for example. Ingrid takes Molly in, makes her downsize, integrates her into her lifestyle, and then the next time we see Ingrid she throws Molly out because she can’t take it anymore. There’s a deleted scene that prefaces that fight so much better. And the whole thing with Neal is just a blur. I get that she’s needy, but he says they should date, then avoids her like the plague, and then when they finally do go out like a civilized couple he dumps her. I would have just liked a better insight into what is going on in this woman’s life and how she’s really dealing with it all. How realizes she needs to grow up and be independent.

I would recommend it; it’s a cute story that also makes me tear up. The auction scene, and then the very end get me every time. I just can’t help it. But it really is heartwarming; worth a watch.

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