August Rush

Released 11/21/2007                              Rated: PG

Here is a modern fairytale full of wonder and amazement. This is a really good movie. Every time I watch it, it warms my heart.

Evan Taylor has been counting the days he’s been away from his parents; knowing in his heart that one day he will find them. He has a rare gift of hearing music in the world around him, and believes his parents heard the music on the night they met. When he sets off to find his parents his world opens up in ways he never thought possible. Some people want to help him, some want to use him, and some just want to find him, but through it all the only thing that matters to Evan is that he find his parents. Performing on the streets of York City under the name of August Rush, Evan Taylor  learns he has to follow his heart and the music to find what he’s been looking for.

I really love how this film transforms some of what he hears into actual music, whether that’s a strings overlay, or using the actual sounds of the city. I wish they’d showed more of it throughout the movie, but it’s pretty cool.

A wonderful cast brings this story to life. This movie shows that life doesn’t always go the way we plan, but unless we try searching for what we want most, we’re never going to find it.

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