Fantastic Four

Released 08/07/2015                              Rated: PG-13

This film is nowhere near as bad as everyone’s making it out to be. Yes, it’s flawed, but it’s not the worst project that this summer has turned out. The internet has automatically written this off as a flop solely because they want to see these rights revert to Disney’s Marvel studio who understands how to make a superhero movie. What needs to happen is the corporate heads at Fox need to not get involved, and stick to films they actually understand.

I really liked the first half of the movie. They paid attention to detail to the point where the film had a beautiful quality to it almost. Their suits, the other planet, Doom; even the science lab had a great visual quality to it that I find to be one of the strong points of the movie. The set up was great, we got to meet these characters even though some could have been more well rounded, but then toward the end, the whole thing seemed to lose steam quickly. It’s like they just went “let’s wrap this up.” The dialogue became atrocious —especially at the tail end of the movie— the CGI throughout could have been more polished, Dr. Doom was hardly in it, and looking back, there wasn’t much substance for a superhero movie. Our four main characters aren’t even on screen together (post-accident) until the end fight, so how are they supposed to come together as a team? I did like the way they portrayed the accident though.  I found it more believable than what happened in the last series. It’s like this was two different movies forced together, and actually, it is. Fox fired the director in post-production and went on to re-shoot some scenes, which is why this film feels disjointed and full of gaps. This movie was on the verge of being a contender to Disney’s Marvel products, and then someone pooped all over it. I am so mad at the missed opportunity this film dissolved into.

Superhero movies need to stop pulling in these major villains and disposing of them in a single installment. I don’t pretend to know much about the comic book/ graphic novel world, but I believe Dr. Doom was to the Fantastic Four similar to how the Joker was to Batman. And [SPOILER ALERT] they killed him off; just like that. Never to be used again. The comic book/graphic novel world encompasses so much more than what the film world is willing to give; which is upsetting. Mutated Doom: barely in the movie at all. They find him a year later and bring him back, he goes “you people are parasites and I will not allow you to destroy this planet the way you destroyed earth” and conveniently creates a black hole to start destroying earth; a very short and unfulfilling fight scene happens, and everything’s all better now, yay! (-_-) I really want the movie the director made; it had to have been more consistent than this.

I wanted a serious movie, not the goofiness the 2005 series was, and while it could have been better, I feel they delivered. I’m hating on Fox for ruining this, not so much on the actual movie. If they go through with making a sequel, which I want them to, I feel they could do really well with it. Fox just needs to keep its hands off of it. Don’t judge it as a failure before you’ve even seen it. We don’t need yet another reboot; we need someone in charge who knows what they’re doing.

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