Never Let Me Go

Released 10/15/2010                              Rated: R

Every once in a while I’ll see a trailer, and never hear of the movie again. I’ll be lucky if the name of the movie makes it onto my list of movies that I want to see in case it just doesn’t happen in theaters. Many films like this fall by the wayside for me specifically, but having worked at a movie theater, I now understand more of how it works. Lower budget and/or foreign films do not make it into very many theaters around the country. Sometimes only one in an entire market will get a specific film, in which case, you have to go on the hunt for it and be possibly willing to travel. This was one film that I lost track of.

Set in an alternate reality, Never Let Me Go takes place in a world where medical breakthroughs of the 1950’s now allow humans to live past the age of 100. What they don’t outright say is that they have perfected cloning, and that these cloned children are kept and healthy to grow into young adults whose sole purpose is to be organ donors for the rest of humanity. The film follows three childhood friends on the journey to adulthood, and the love triangle that inevitably forms.

There are a few themes in this film, but the main theme is that life is too short. This is depicted not only in how our protagonists barely reach the age of 30, but more so in how through either inaction or fighting they have spent more time apart from each other than happily together. It’s a call to the audience to reach out and talk to that person you’ve thought about lately, or haven’t seen in years. Because before you know it, it’s all over.

Overall I liked the movie. It’s not as science-fiction-y as most others of this nature. It was refreshing, not having the shocking twist, or the outrage at learning what they are instead of what they thought. Everyone just knew and accepted it. By the time our protagonists arrived the science had been well-underway. There were rules and regulation set into place. It was an inside view of what their lives entailed.

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