The Scorch Trials

Released 09/18/2015                             Rated: PG-13

First of all, if you’ve read the book, this movie is nothing like it. I didn’t read the book until after I saw the film, and while the book counterpart contains more of a definite mystery, I prefer the movie, hands down. The book is a little all over the place, but it still leaves you with the question of “WTF is going on??” They come right out and say “We are WICKED, this is another test, off you go.” Whereas in the film they manage to escape W.C.K.E.D., and are left to their own devices, crossing the barren wasteland called The Scorch, as W.C.K.E.D. tries to get them back. Certain beats from the book unfold, but it’s almost as if Fox wanted to make their own movie while still calling it The Scorch Trials, so they had to compromise. very much enojed this movie. It’s entertaining, it’s intense, it gives us some background, but it doesn’t give us any answers, really. I, personally, am fine with that, so long as the story is good, and I believe the plot is progressing. I am very excited for the next movie, and hope they do a good job; I just hate that I have to wait for over a year to get it. Considering that the filmmakers have taken such a drastic turn away from the books, all I want is a good story that wraps everything up in a way that makes sense. Reading the second book has really thrown me down the rabbit hole, so I am anxious to see where the film franchise goes.

I liked where they took this film. The new characters, the Right Arm (which is the additional opposition for W.C.K.E.D.), the turn of events (which I have to admit I saw coming), and the zombie-like creatures produced by the Flare. Be advised if you have a young one who wants to see this movie. I’m kind of surprised they made it into the film to the degree that they did. When you first get a good look at them, it’s almost AMC’s The Walking Dead level.

The Maze Runner contained a good balance of mystery and action, whereas The Scorch Trials has more action and less mystery. Unfortunately, it is a middle-movie, and doesn’t really have a clear-cut ending, but it’s a good setup for the next installment. Definitely check it out.

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