Released 02/12/2016                              Rated: R

LOVED Deadpool. Absolutely loved this movie! It was everything it should be: perfectly cast, written, and directed; hysterically funny, full of fourth-wall breaks and references, expertly choreographed, and seamlessly blended. Half the time with comedies, I feel they up as either really funny, or well-written; it’s hard to get both. But here, the comedy doesn’t outshine the story. It works with it to enhance what’s already great.

This film had me hooked the instant the opening credits began to roll by poking fun at itself, the actors, and Hollywood, all the while making fun of action movies in general. (You’ll understand when you see it.) All of the X-Men jokes are pure gold as no one is safe from Deadpool’s dry wit, not the franchise, the studio, or the actors. My favorite crack is when Deadpool asks which Professor X he’s going to be taken to see: “Stewart or McAvoy, because these timeline jumps are so confusing.” He’s so goofy and badass at the same time. He’ll say something silly one second, and the next he’ll put a bullet through someone’s head. This movie is the perfect representation of his character. They better take care of this franchise, and not ruin it by turning it into a cash-grab. Let’s be real for a second, most of the X-Men movies, the Wolverine branch included, (made by the same studio: Fox), haven’t been the best quality; yet they keep making them. We have a new one coming out in a few months!

12715358_1229461593735183_3045992282796707208_nIf you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s only been out four days, and I’ve already seen it twice. It is rated R for good reason: language, nudity, violence, and some gore. You really can’t have a PG-13 Deadpool, it’s just not going to work well for who the character is. You can color all these other superheroes however you want, but Deadpool is gritty, violent, borderline insane, and doesn’t give a F** what anyone else thinks. We’ve had R-rated superhero movies before, but they either haven’t garnered enough enthusiasm/attendance, or just haven’t been that good. The grit needs an adequate balance, and Deadpool being Deadpool brings that balance in spades. This is amazing! Can’t wait for more!!

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