Bridget Jones

So sorry if you got a hold of my unfinished post! Leave it to me to flub up something late at night on my phone. I was trying to save my thoughts, and (of course) instead of getting a drop-down menu like I was hoping for, it just posted everything I had. Thank heaven I didn’t have anything stupid to say about these movies.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
04/13/2001                              Rated: R

It should be more like Bridget Jones’s Monologue. I get that what she narrates is what’s writing in said diary, but all the same, it wouldn’t hurt to focus a little more on the diary aspect. Her writings appearing on screen, her coming out of a daydream that she’d just scribbled down; I don’t know. Just something.

This movie is an emotional roller coaster for me. Not in the same way that One Day was, where the characters were hopelessly flawed and you just wanted them to get together which almost doesn’t happen, but a roller coaster all the same. Bridget goes from completely depressed, to positive outlook, to happy, back to depressed, and over and over again. I don’t know if I just feel her depression too well, or what, but I don’t think I could do this movie again. I mean she gets really downtrodden about being single; it’s almost hard for me to handle.

Bridge Jones: The Edge of Reason
11/19/2004                              Rated: R

I may actually prefer the sequel, which is strange because at the same time, I don’t. The tone of this movie much less depressive this time around, but about halfway through it into a more generic romantic comedy. [SPOILER ALERT] I didn’t really find Thai prison to be necessary, but for the plot I guess it worked. It wasn’t campy or anything, but I’m watching it just going “why did we go this route?”

Honestly, the only thing I really find appealing in either of these films is Colin Firth. Mark Darcey is adorable when he looks in love with Bridget. Honestly, it’s the highlight of these movies for me. And having LOVED him in Kingsman: The Secret Service, I find the fights between Darcy and Cleaver to be hilarious. This must have been long before he was recruited. LOL

New movie coming in out in September. I am rather confused because at the end of the second movie [S.A.] Bridget gets a proposal, and in the trailer for the new film, she single again! I just can’t take the back and forth anymore!!! Ugh, it’s so stressful! But Emma Thompson is going to be in it, and I love anything that woman does. She is a gem. I guess we’ll see if I dig Bridget Jones’s Baby any more than the first two films.

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