Hello, Dolly!

Released 12/16/1969                              Rated: G

I have somehow never seen any of Barbara Streisand’s films until now. Her movies were just never on in our house when I was little. I remember scenes from Auntie Mame, The King and I, My Fair Lady, and The First Knight, but none of Streisand’s work. And I just found out my mom is a huge fan. I have no idea how that happened, but it did, and it’s a shame! The only thing I knew going into watching this was that there were clips used in Wall-e, and I was on the look out for those scenes.

The minute Barbara Streisand came on screen and started talking with Walter Matthau, it was over for me; I fell in love. I wore a smile for the rest of the movie. A good performance can make a film that much better, but Streisand was AMAZING! She’s the reason why I love this movie, the same way Rosalind Russel is why I love Auntie Mame, and Lauren Graham is why I love Gilmore Girls. The sharp wit, quick tongue, and just enough heart are all blended together expertly to pull off one incredible and unforgettable character.

Her first song “Just Leave Everything to Me” was specifically written for Streisand for this www.amazon.comfilm, and I love it. It’s a perfect introduction to this character, and I can’t imagine Hello, Dolly! without it. I also love how each of her cards says something different, and each is insanely detailed. “Mrs. Dolly Levi: twenty-eight and three quarter-year-old chief clerks taught how to dance.”

I started watching it late one night, and my husband came home in the middle of it. I stopped it because musicals are not his thing, but then I stayed up to finish watching it after he went to bed; I was that enthralled.

This musical is just so much fun. I can’t think of another one that is as much of a pure delight from beginning to end. All of the colors, catchy songs, and choreography! The stunts worked into the dances amaze me every time. The whole thing is incredible.

This movie really is a treat. It’s no wonder Hello, Dolly! is one of the greatest musical films of all time. (How has it taken me this long to see it???)

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