You Again

Released 09/24/2010                              Rated: PG

This may be my favorite chick flick in recent years. Normally with these kinds of movies, I can take it or leave it, and the majority of the time, they end up being nothing to write home about. I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did.

Marni Olsen is on her way home to her brother’s wedding. On a mid-flight call with her mother, she discovers that Joanna, the girl her brother is about to marry, is actually none other than the same one who bullied her throughout high school. As Marni struggles to keep the past behind her, her mother, Gail, is having a similar struggle upon the realization that Joanna’s aunt was her own archrival in high school, Ramona. Everyone’s claws begin to show as the countdown to the wedding ticks away.

So here are all the reasons why I enjoyed this film.

1) Marni. She’s a relatable character. Not just because she overcame her self esteem issues from high school and blossomed into a functioning adult, but because I believe her to be a realistic person dealing with this issue.

2) Her plight isn’t “I have to stop this wedding,” it’s “I have to face this person again.” Once Marni has established that Joanna hasn’t changed and that she does in fact remember Marni, all she wants in an apology. It isn’t until she’s refused one that Marni goes into separation-mode, and that’s purely with the intention of looking out for her big brother. The important part is that they eased us into it.

3) I love it! Marni starts reverting back to how she was in high school because she literally goes back to looking like she did in high school. The awkward bangs, dorky glasses, and acne (actually ant bites) are all back, while Joanna still looks a gorgeous as ever. None of this is helping her remember the adult she has grown into since those years.

4) The movie wasn’t really about love. Sure, in the end, Marni gets the guy, but that wasn’t the focal point of the film. The love angle felt natural, and not shoehorned in at all. (This may be why I just can’t with other chick flicks.)

5) The cast couldn’t have been better. Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Kristen Bell, Kristen Chenoweth, all of them! I’ve never seen Odette Yustman before this, but she did pretty well. I didn’t feel she was too bitchy, fake, or bubbly; she managed a decent blend.

My one issue with the movie was that the high school time capsule footage was completely unrealistic. I just can’t suspend my disbelief enough that A) the camera would have followed JJ around to show her being a bitch and a bully, and B) that anyone would have allowed that to remain in the video at all! Was this an entirely student-produced project? I mean, come on.

If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out. You’re in for a good time.

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