Released 12/21/2016                              Rated: PG-13

I was surprised by all the bad reviews this movie is getting. When my husband first told me the majority of reviews were negative, I was just sitting there going, “How can they mess this up that badly?” The trailers looked amazing. It didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would, and I think that’s everyone else’s problem as well, but I still liked it.

The trailers made it seem like something more substantial was behind the spaceship issues. And even in the film, the degradation of the ship seemed more ominous than a simply malfunctioning ship. I distinctly remember the line “There’s a reason we woke up early,” from the trailer. This film was sold as more of a sci-fi-action, possibly even horror, flick, but what we got was a love story-drama. I would have loved for Passengers to have turned out more like the trailer, but I’m content with what I got. are multiple opinions going around about how this film could have been better. Personally, I feel some of them are typical, even cliché, suggestions. For instance, someone said the android should have been evil and possibly behind everything. One scenario that I found interesting was if Aurora took her revenge and eventually killed Jim. After spending so much time alone, she would also figure out how to wake someone else up, and thus start the cycle all over again. One possibility I thought up a few days ago was if the company sending these people on this trip had actually never intended on the ship reaching its destination, but to have it purposefully malfunction and kill everyone on board; therefore, keeping Earth’s population under control. All of these would made a cool movie.

Overall, my only expectation was that I was probably going to like it despite all the reviews. The one thing I hadn’t really expected was [SPOILER ALERT] a happy ending. But I forgot we’re dealing with Hollywood, here, and Hollywood doesn’t like non-happy endings. It’s the same as my thoughts on the ending to The Descent, it’s okay to have a non-happy ending if it fits the story. The ending we got fit the story they gave us, but I’m just saying, if they have gone one of the other routes, a sadder ending would have been fine.

The special effects and graphics were amazing. The stunts were cool. The sets were awesome. As long as you’re expecting a love story, and not much of an action-thriller, you’ll like it.

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