Alien: Covenant

Released 05/19/2017                              Rated: R

More often than not I’ll walk into a theater just praying the movie doesn’t suck, but not actually holding my breath for a great film. I’m going to be honest: didn’t have high hopes for this movie. The trailer seemed like it gave away all the major points, including the scene where the Xenomorph is bashing its skull against the windshield of the ship in broad daylight… [sigh] Prometheus wasn’t great, and my husband and I were painfully reminded by rewatching that film 24-hours previous to seeing Covenant. OMG, you guys, this movie is awesome!! The trailer didn’t give away a thing!

This film is honestly up there with the first Alien from 1979. The set-up was great. No one felt like a throwaway character. The visuals were amazing, both geological and special effects. The twists were well-done and carried the appropriate weight. The story didn’t feel sacrificed for scares. Everything worked together.

We get a brand new alien called the Neomorph, and while it is born and appears similar to the Xenomorph, they are very different. We get to see the first of the Facehuggers, and learn without explicit mention where the creatures from the original film came from. Or at least how they came into being. By no means are all the answers given, but considering the ending to Alien: Covenant, plenty is bound to happen in the two decades spanning the gap between this film and Alien.

So far I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews. Yes, the movie has minor flaws, but a good film will continue to draw you in despite that fact. If you’re looking for scares around every corner or gore galore, you’re going to be disappointed. My husband and I like a little more substance in our horror films.

I feel bad that this post is so short, but I can’t really talk specifics without ruining the movie. I don’t feel like it’s a copycat or a cash-grab. It feels like this series is finding its legs again. We need more in equal parts story and scares!

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