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Released 09/06/2012                              Rated: R

This is another movie I saw a trailer for, went “This looks good,” and never heard about it again. Luckily, I was able to find it at a second-hand store so that I could finally see it. In a nutshell, this film is about sex addiction. We follow three sex-addicts in various stages of recovery, each one a sponsor to the other in their recovery meetings, and their respective lives.

The trailer painted the movie in a more light-hearted tone than the actual film is. And the DVD cover portrays it as “Laugh out-loud… Sensational… and Romantic.” If the movie was more like the trailer, than yes, I would agree. The film takes a hard look at sex addiction as one of our main protagonists falters heavily and slips back into his old ways. It doesn’t get graphic or anything, but I was just like “Okay, let’s move this along.” It takes a serious tone about its subject matter, as it should, I’m not knocking that they did that at all. Movies for me are entertainment; I enjoy going back and rewatching them. I honestly can’t say I’m going to come back to visit this one. Parts of it were light-hearted, and I enjoyed them most upon viewing this movie, but it wasn’t enough for me.

Josh Glad and Alecia Moore (Pink) were the comedic relief, but they were also the characters that I felt had it the hardest. Both of them are new to the meetings having realized that their lives are out of control, but they gravitate toward each other and end up helping each other get better. THAT’S the movie I want to see! Out of all the characters in this entire film, these two grow the most. And it bothers me that they’re just kinda pushed to the side in favor of our other two protagonists and their lives.

It’s not one for my collection, but I am glad I saw it.

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