Released 10/02/2009                              Rated: R

So we missed this one when it came out. I want to say we’ve had people recommending it to us, and that’s the reason why we bought the blu-ray who knows how long ago, but I honestly can’t remember. We have a tendency in our house to purchase movies and never get around to watching them. That doesn’t happen so much any more now that the biggest contributor to that habit went out of business earlier this year. (My husband and I alone should have kept that store afloat with how often we were there, lol!) Not sure what I was expecting per say, but it wasn’t what I got. There are a few reasons as to why I probably didn’t care for this film.

Possibility 1) I didn’t really find it funny. If I have to put my finger on it I’d say that the humor is on the dry side, and I don’t do dry humor; everyone keeps telling me to watch The Office and Parks and Rec, but I just don’t find myself enjoying those shows. Columbus’s rules were brilliant, and had the film kept them the center of focus, maybe the whole thing would have been funnier. I at least thought they would all have fun and interesting ways to kill the zombies. Why is Emma Stone holding a chainsaw in the poster? No one used one. Should have watched Shaun of the Dead.

https://www.amazon.com/postersdepeliculas-Zombieland-Movie-Poster/dp/B003CY9JXKPossibility 2) It forgot it was a zombie flick. So there’s tons of zombies in the beginning, maybe five in the middle (I’m not kidding), and then a bunch in the finale. There’s a lull in the middle of this movie because our protagonists are safe and bonding, none of which was very interesting or moving by the way. Character development didn’t really happen at all, but that’s no the focus of this point. They didn’t even get run out of the house; they all just left voluntarily. If I want a zombie movie, there needs to be zombies in the entire movie. Should have watched Resident Evil.

Possibility 3) I couldn’t really get immersed in the world. There wasn’t much tension because there were never any zombies present. There were no other survivors, for that matter. The fight seemed to already be over. Everyone in the group knew how to expertly handle a gun. And speaking of guns, Tallahassee just threw away every weapon he had after he was done using it whether it was out of bullets or, in the case of the sheers, bloody. Um, no, you hold on to that shit. No one died or needed to be saved. If it had been a video game, they would have been playing on easy because there was no challenge. Should have watched The Crazies.

Possibility 4) Overuse of gore. First of all, the majority of the gore used is in the beginning of the film; it’s almost as if they blew the budget for blood on the opening credits and didn’t have much left for the rest of the movie, so just saved the rest for the end. Secondly, every zombie seemed to be constantly vomiting black blood. I’ve got no problem with gore when it’s used creatively/well, but this felt like overkill. Should have watched 28 Days Later.

By no means was this a bad movie, it just didn’t thrill me. It was an interesting take and a good try, but not the comedy I wanted.

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