Christmas with the Kranks

Released 11/24/2004                              Rated: PG

I remember seeing this movie in theaters, and not being as thrilled with it as I’d hoped. Having rewatched it for this blog, …yeah, gonna have to go with my original reaction on this one. It’s kinda forgettable. Very middle of the road. Which sucks, because at least it was a change of pace from most Christmas movies. those unfamiliar with the story: Luther and Nora Krank have decided to skip Christmas in order to take a ten-day cruise due to their only daughter being away for the holidays. This upsets their friends and neighbors greatly, but the Kranks manage to hold out until Christmas Eve when their daughter calls to tell them she’s on her way home. The Kranks furiously scramble to pull together a Christmas miracle before Blair gets back home.

I guess my biggest problem is that there wasn’t any charm. It also was also more awkward than funny. Honestly, I felt like everyone was mad at the Kranks (which was half the movie) for the wrong reasons. It’s not that the Kranks took money normally reserved for donations to use on themselves, no, they just didn’t want to put a seven-foot snowman on their roof! Everybody’s up in arms because they didn’t buy Christmas cards! Seriously? Everybody else’s Christmas depended solely on whether or not the Kranks hung Christmas lights on their house?

Funniest part of the movie: Luther and Nora’s lunch after Luther got Botox.
Best part of the movie: the Christmas carolers.
Cheesiest part of the movie: the frozen cat on the sidewalk.
Worst part of the movie: Nora’s screaming.
Most awkward part of the movie: the tanning salon scene. Yikes.

Skip it and take a cruise.

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