Tomb Raider

Released 03/16/2018                              Rated: PG-13

So I loved this movie. Hands down the best video game to film adaptation ever. Why? Because it transcends the limitation of the video game and became a movie that can stand on its own. Not going to lie, I really enjoyed the first one with Angelina Jolie in 2001. That one was a lot of fun, but this recent release is a piece of work.

I really haven’t known much about the franchise other than it is one and the titular character is most known for being well endowed. Thankfully they’ve stepped back from that representation, but for a while there, that’s what it was. I’d never played a Tomb Raider game until the 2013 game. Much like this film the game is both simply titled Tomb Raider, and reconstructs Lara’s origins. Due to someone in my house the PS3 at the time, I did not get very far in the game, and probably should restart it upon continuing. However, I got far enough to note that the game should have been more appropriately titled Every Horrific Way Lara Could Possibly Die, because when you don’t react to certain things on time, she dies. Holy crap, I was not ready for how realistically they programmed it at all. She gets stabbed, crushed by rocks, caught in a bear trap, attacked by wolves, strangled, thrown off a bridge, shot, etc. I can’t say I look forward to future cut scenes.

But anyway, this movie seems to be based off of the one game I actually have context for. It’s grounded in reality, even though I use that phrase loosely. Yes you have to suspend your disbelief a little with how many different things Lara survives, but I feel they did a good job showing her taking a beating. Jolie always seemed to get away generally unscathed. Vikander made this character human. She’s not looking for treasure or to save the world, she just wants to find out what happened to her father who’s been gone for seven years. And in looking for him she happens to find herself caught in the middle of a very dangerous excavation.

It’s a great action-adventure flick. They don’t overburden the audience with so much exposition on either their characters or the legends they’re chasing after. They seem to set up a sequel, so I really hope they make more. I don’t need five more installments, but I would like to see another one.

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