A Quiet Place

Released 04/06/2018                              Rated: PG-13

The moment I saw the trailer I was like “Hell yes I’m seeing this!” I love a good horror/suspense and the premise of this one looked so intriguing. Plus I love Emily Blunt, and for her to being working alongside her husband on his directorial debut, I couldn’t wait. And it is amazing!http://www.impawards.com/2018/quiet_place_ver3.html

If you don’t know anything about this film, it follows a family who has  to survive the alien creatures who are nesting in the surrounding area of their home which have already picked off most of the population. The family has adapted and managed to live for over a year now without making any noise as that’s exclusively how the creatures hunt, but with a baby due in a few weeks, extra measures will have to be taken.

The majority of the film is quiet as the characters mostly use sign language to communicate with one another, and Krasinski uses the silence wonderfully. To build tension, to show emotion, and to suck us into this world. For a film with so little said, the emphasis is placed on the details shown on screen. We learn so much about these characters by merely observing them. They’re not letting us into their heads. There’s no voice over cluing the audience into what happened before the movie starts. But it’s all there on screen, we just have to pay attention.

https://twitter.com/johnkrasinskiWhat’s especially great about this movie is the fact that it’s about family. The creatures are secondary. Ultimately, in my opinion, that’s how you make a good horror film. You focus on the characters and their development, not the monsters. Most horror films these days forget that, and it sucks because you end up with a disappointing film. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever seen– if you’re into the horror genre it’s not really all that scary at all– but it definitely puts you on the edge of your seat, and in the end that’s all I want out of a movie like this.

Definitely check this one out!

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