Me Before You

Released 06/03/2016                              Rated: PG-13

I have not read the book, but I think I’m gonna have to add it to my ever-growing list. If it’s even remotely similar (and the books are usually superior) I’m gonna have to read all of it. I know there’s at least three books total.

This was a aesthetically beautiful movie. Lou literally pops out of every scene while Will sort of blends in to his simplistic yet sharp home environment. She’s so and full of color;  a clever visual representation of how she breaks up the dreary monotony that has become Will Trainer’s life. All of the locations were gorgeous! The countryside, the castle, the beach, even the snow seemed fantastical! This was a very visually pleasing film.

This is a story about living life. About not being afraid to put yourself out there. About changing; growing. Discovering who you truly are. Lou has a heart as big as her wardrobe is colorful, but she settles. She’s perfectly fine living in the same town all her life, working the same job. Her boyfriend is more demanding of her than she is of him, but she’s got a boyfriend.

Meanwhile Will is having a difficult time adjusting from enjoying extreme sports like snowboarding to being confined to a wheelchair unable to control the majority of his body. He believes everyone only cares now out of pity and would rather shut everyone out than let anyone in.

It isn’t until Lou stands up to Will that they begin to grow as both individuals and friends. He teaches her that there’s more to life and she teaches him that life is better with company.

I enjoyed it, but it was a tear-jerker.

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