Table 19

Released 03/03/2017                              Rated: PG-13

This was a cute movie, but it got just a little bit klunky toward the later half. I enjoyed the characters and the way they all came together, though I suppose I expected some more antics. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to have a wedding movie that doesn’t focus on the couple getting married. In fact, we don’t even see the wedding, this is all aftermath. enjoyed Eloise’s plot the most though I’m not sure how her predicament happens in the first place, but whatever. Despite being moved to the self-dubbed rejects table which is definitely made up of a motley crew, Eloise makes some new acquaintances and gets through the day with more than she anticipated.

There’s a side plot with Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson that ends up dividing the movie. I get that they wanted something with a bit more weight, but towards the end it brings the movie to a halt. Maybe if the couple didn’t get to break away from the group…but then the issue in the first place isn’t that well-developed. They could have found something better or at least handled it better.

Overall it could have been a little more charming, but I had a pleasant experience and enjoyed it for what it was. OMG, Stephen Merchant running down the hall with the wedding cake was pure gold!

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