The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Released 04/22/2016                              Rated: PG-13

This is a pre-sequel…….

It takes place both before and after the events of SWATH. And if ever there was a movie that didn’t need to exist, it’s this one. In my opinion it was a blatant cash-grab. Not to mention I don’t think most of the actors, if any, were all that interested in the project to begin with. (It shows.) Now, in general, most sequels aren’t that great when compared to their predecessor, but this one is just awful. It contradicts the first installment at every turn. I’ve never seen such glaring inconsistencies before.

There was no mention of Freya in SWATH, and no mention of their brother Finn in HWW. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that both movies give backstory for Ravenna which happens to include her family. In SWATH we see Ravenna and Finn as children with their mother but no sister. And in HWW we see Ravenna and Freya as adults before the events of the first movie, yet no mention of their brother. It’s as if a time spell has been enacted and the effects somehow turned Finn into Freya…which may have been a better film. I like the idea of Ravenna being responsible for awakening her sister’s powers but I find it hard to believe that would cause her to go into isolation and kidnap everyone’s children and train them to be her army.

Ravenna is a mystery bag all by herself. I don’t understand what’s going on with her. She’s a part of the mirror now, but she’s dead… It doesn’t make any sense. I rewatched her death scene from the first movie and there was nothing special about it. No last-ditch spell to save herself. Charlize Theron was clearly the best part of that movie but I’m not really sure why her character is back for this. And now she’s got…tentacles? The shards from the first movie were cool, but this black ooze that she turns into tentacles is just weird.

Eric’s not supposed to be a soldier in SWATH. He’s a hunter/farmer; that was his shtick. I don’t like this recon of his character. In the first movie he agrees to go after Snow to get Sara back when Finn reveals that she’s dead. Given the events of this movie…he already knows this. And since we’re on Sara: how in the world does Snow remind Eric of Sara? They look nothing alike, and I don’t believe their spirits are similar. If he was this in love with his wife he wouldn’t have started getting attached to Snow. Unless–and here’s my theory–the true love’s kiss Eric gave Snow to break Ravenna’s spell was of the love he has for Sara. So it’s a kiss of true love, just not directed at Snow. William’s kiss failing yet Eric’s waking her never made sense anyway.

Undoubtedly any sequel that was planned for originally revolved around Snow. I don’t know if the filmmakers wanted to refrain from recasting Kristen Stewart, or if they legitimately wanted to take the story in another new direction. However, the single mention they make of Snow was the one hidden nugget of gold in this movie that they just skimmed over. Snow’s not well. The mirror has been affecting her. Where the hell is THAT movie?? Give me a film about how the mirror is getting into Snow’s head and she starts going insane/turning evil. I would have LOVED that! There’s even a post credits scene where Ravenna’s raven comes to Snow’s balcony, so it was meant to go somewhere if only eventually. Sadly, we’ll never get that story.

Honestly, anything else would have been better then this.


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