Released 09/23/2016                              Rated: PG

I was on the fence about this one when the trailers came out. Some of them looked cute, but then others seemed to miss the mark. That should have been my first indication, but I remained hopeful. Clearly I’ve been spoiled with so many good animated movies in the past because these days we seem to only get the inverse. movie has its moments. I loved Orphan Tulip. “Tulip is just fine. ‘Orphan’ hurts my heart.” Her energy, unshakable enthusiasm, and ingenuity make her perfect without being over the top. Nate and his parents were a nice little subplot. And watching this kid work his parents to get them to spend time with him made this movie for me. “You blink and I’ll be in college. Fleeting moments.” And the fight scene where everyone’s trying so hard not to wake the sleeping child was pure genius! Can’t get enough of it!

But there’s a lot that this movie just didn’t need. Having the wolves as an obstacle for Tulip, Junior, and baby is one thing. Having them consistently chase after the trio while forming things like bridges (complete with construction equipment), planes, minivans, and submarines is another. I found Pigeon Toady obnoxious and completely unnecessary, especially his “How You Like Me Now” bit. I get what they were going for, but it’s not my thing. And I was hoping for more out of Kelsey Grammar’s character but there wasn’t much to him. Sideshow Bob’s episodes of The Simpsons are some of my favorites, so if anything I wanted to see this movie for Grammar. [sigh]

I’m going to be honest here: I preferred Boss Baby. BB has fully fleshed out plots for both of our main characters that mesh together seamlessly with a final outcome that makes the hour and half it took to get there worth it. There’s a lot going on here, it all barely ties together, and it reaches too hard in some cases. Not to mention BB has a much more adorable baby assembly line. Just saying.

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