Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Released 05/10/2019                              Rated: PG

When I first saw the trailer I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about how the pokémon looked, but the more I watched it the more it worked for me. Going into this movie I didn’t figure I’d get much out of it. I’ve never been huge into Pokémon. I watched the show a bit because of my siblings, and I had a small amount of cards when that was a thing, and I currently play Pokémon Go, but I’ve never considered it something I was super into. Y’all, I loved this movie!

First of all, y’all know bad CGI is a huge hang up of mine. Thankfully this movie excelled in that department because had they gotten it wrong this movie would have failed big time. Seeing all the pokémon portrayed both realistically and as if they were actually on screen is perfect. At first I had an issue with how fluffy they made Pikachu, to me he looked more like a Teddy Bear, but it’s grown on me. After all he is furry, it just didn’t always translate well in the cartoon. But to see the scales on Charizard and the feathers on Psyduck… It was just amazing. I didn’t recognize all of the pokémon because if I haven’t had to catch it in Pokémon Go chances are I’ve never seen it before, but I recognized most of them in there. It was just too cool!

Ryan Reynolds surprisingly fit as Pikachu. Justice Smith also did a good job, and the two of them worked well together. It’s Lucy’s character I didn’t care much for. When we meet her she’s a little too excited to be questioning Tim trying to crack this story she’s hunting. It’s like she’s a child who finally gets to play super sleuth, but only knows the stylized version that Hollywood sells. I was like, this chick has seen way too many movies. No one actually acts like that, uncovering a story or otherwise. For the most part she was fine, but her introduction and toward the end when she’s running down the street yelling at everyone not to let their pokémon breathe the purple gas… Um, hun, there’s so much of it blanketing the streets, your warning is too little too late.

There was one scene that I’m pretty sure was in there for the hell of it. For the life of me I can’t figure out how it logistically makes sense. So they run into the Torterra garden and out into the forest. Suddenly the ground splits and starts raising up while Tim and Lucy are still trying to get away from the Greninja. The ground even shifts vertically for a minute before they get somewhere safe. Turns out they were on the back of a couple of giant Torterras. But here’s the thing… The entire forest floor rose until it was vertical, but the Torterras were only standing up and then settling back down. So what exactly was turned 90 degrees?? That was my one take-me-out-of-the-movie moment.

Anyway, this movie was awesome. I enjoyed the story as well as seeing this world come to life. I had so much fun and can’t wait to see it again. Will definitely be owning this one.

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