Released 07/12/2019                              Rated: R

I found the trailer on YouTube a few months back. I started it up going “what in the world is this??” As I watched it I pegged it as terrible; a creature-feature. Typical man vs nature. But halfway through it I thought: I still want to see this. Like, I really wanted to see it.

Crawl is about a young woman who travels back home to search for her father who has been radio silent since a category 5 hurricane made landfall in Florida. She tracks him down under the crawlspace of their old house only to discover something else has taken up residence down there as well.

This movie was done really well. It sets up the situation and takes off. Without disrupting the pace of the film it lets us get to know the characters and their relationships with each other which makes us care when things start happening. There wasn’t much that screamed CGI at me, mainly just one scene that seemed a bit sped-up. It’s not perfect, but for the most part I totally believed that the gators were actually on set. Seeing them in the water…damn they did a fantastic job making this look real!!

Not gonna lie, I totally forgot how vicious these creatures get when they go for a kill. Holy crap! I grew up watching Animal Planet and “The Crocodile Hunter,” so how in the world did I forget this?? Obviously there’s a good amount of gore, but thankfully it’s paced out well enough. Other than the violence the worst thing in this film is one character gets his arm chomped off. Actually, I take that back: there’s a scene involving spiders. That’s the scene I couldn’t handle. LOL!

This movie has an edge-of-your-seat tensity that I loved. The threat felt real and the action intense. You really feel for these characters and want them to make it out alive. My husband might need a breather after this one, but I’d totally visit it again.

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