Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Released 09/24/2014                              Rated: PG

This is a French movie. It came to American theaters on a limited run, and I actually saw it in theaters. I do believe I was the only one in there, too. Luckily it’s dubbed in English, but it sure doesn’t feel like anything Hollywood has ever cranked out.

On the coldest day in Edinburgh, Scotland, Jack was born with a frozen heart. The midwife who delivered him replaced his heart with a small cuckoo-clock. Fearing she won’t make a good mother, Jack’s mom leaves him with  Madeline, the midwife, a woman who could never have a child of her own. One his tenth birthday Madeline agrees to take Jack into town as she’s kept him on their isolated hill all these years to keep his fragile heart safe. But the events of that one day set forth a whirlwind of an adventure for Jack that he’d only dreamed of before.

This is definitely a strange world full of clock hearts, xylophone spines, defensive thorns, and this one girl in the carnival whose head is like a balloon (???) It’s bizarre; and I don’t usually mind weird. Jack resetting every time his clock gets tinkered with is near creepy. The attention to detail is great, but especially when he’s a baby, it’s just a bit disturbing. Make it stop…

My husband doesn’t care for musicals. He can’t wrap his brain around everyone breaking out into song and dance. Watching this movie makes me feel how I imagine watching musicals is for him. Another song? What’s going on again? Why is she two inches tall and then twenty feet tall? Make up your mind!! I also can’t figure out where this movie wants to be set. It’s French, but mostly based in Scotland, yet everyone sounds British, and Miss Acacia sings in Spanish. Where do you want me?

I do find it funny though that the protagonist looks like Robert Pattinson and the antagonist looks like Edward Cullen. I just can’t shake this. I half expect them to sound like him, too.

It’s definitely different. If you like strange and unusual, see if you can find it. It’s artsy without going to extreme. But even after having seen it twice I’m like “…What did I watch?”

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