Zombieland: Double Tap

Released 10/18/2019                              Rated: R

I didn’t want to overdue the zombies this month, but oh well. As far as sequels go it one of the few that doesn’t fall into the typical “not as good as the original” category. I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s better than the first installment, but my husband thinks so even though he agrees with me on some of these points. He really liked the first one. I know my review said I didn’t like that one, but it has grown on me over time.

So my biggest issue with this movie is that it introduces a concept within the first few minutes…and does almost nothing with it. We’re informed that there are three types of zombies: the Homer, after Homer Simpson, who are dumb and easily distracted; the Hawking, after Stephen Hawking, who are clever and competent; and the Ninja, who are silent and deadly. There is a single scene where zombies converge on the car alarm that has been set off.  Columbus takes point and calls out what’s coming their way as the rest of the group takes them out. This is the only time in the whole film that they make use of the different kinds of zombies. And it’s in this scene that we meet the fourth new type: the T-800, which is much harder to kill.

This is a really cool concept, but they don’t utilize it. In fact, once they introduce the T-800, that’s the only type of zombie the movie deals with. We don’t even SEE the Ninja except for when they introduced it in the very beginning. My money’s on the Ninja ending up on the cutting room floor. I feel like this movie should have focused on the different types, and had more zombie interaction in general. Had they gone this route I probably would have liked it more. Instead, we get the simple story from the trailer: Little Rock is gone and the group (plus a new addition) have to go find her. That’s it. Very lackluster compared to the hundreds of ways they could have taken it.

And speaking of the trailer, from the moment I saw it I was not a fan of Madison, and this even turned me off wanting to see this movie. I’ve heard that a lot of people did like her. And yes, for the ditzy stereotype her character was well grounded. However, the woman either forgets that she has a nut allergy, or she doesn’t realize trail mix is made of nuts; never mind the fact that she’s EATING them!! She’s been smart enough to survive the freakin’ zombie apocalypse for ten years, how is she oblivious enough to not realize this? And I know there’s different levels of severity when it comes to food allergies, but how does she just turn up okay?? She reacted suddenly and strongly enough for everyone to think she’s turning into a zombie. I want to know how she’s survived this long. Give me that back story.

My only other issue comes again from my inability to suspend my disbelief. There’s a scene at not-Graceland (I forget the name of the place) where they meet Rosario Dawson, aka Nevada. [Spoiler Alert] Our Tallahassee and Columbus doppelgangers both get bit by the T-800s they just managed to take out. The ensuing struggle for survival was done well with the exception of one tidbit. Nevada, in her attempts to participate, shoots her semi-automatic with seemingly little to no regard for anyone else in the room. I don’t mean she’s flinging it around; however; everyone’s getting chased and tackled and wrestling with these two brand new T-800 zombies she happens to be shooting at. There is no way she managed to not shoot someone she wasn’t supposed to. It’s chaos! It’s a stupid point to make, but it took me out of the movie. Which sucks, because it was one of the cooler moments of the film.

Ultimately: I liked it well enough but I didn’t love it. Think I’d rather revisit the original.

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