What We Do In The Shadows

Released 02/13/2015                              Rated: R

I was told I’d like this if I liked Flight of the Concords. Unfortunately what little of them I’ve seen I’ve found too dry for my liking. However, I absolutely loved this movie! I’ve recently found out they’ve turned it into a current TV show which I may have to look into. This really was a fun time.

It’s a mockumentary, of which I know I’ve seen Spinal Tap, a movie that I haven’t fallen in love with. Maybe I just need to watch it again. But I very much enjoyed What We Do In the Shadows. I think the main reason why I’ve taken to this movie over such as Spinal Tap or Flight of the Concords isn’t the dry humor; dry humor alone doesn’t win me over. I think it’s because the others are based in reality, where as Shadows isn’t. It’s ridiculous passed off as normal which makes it hilarious.

This film crew has been granted safety to film a group of vampires who happen to be flatmates living in Wellington, New Zealand. They each have a different number of centuries under their belt, the oldest being the most reclusive, cranky, and looking like Nosferatu. None of them have adapted to technology throughout the years, so one of them has a human servant called a familiar to help them exist in the modern world.

This movie is literally them going through their nightly business. They have to hold a flat meeting because someone’s not doing his chores. They have fights that end up on the ceiling. They have to help each other dress for the night, only to struggle to get into a club. And then a newcomer adds to their numbers who helps bring them up to speed with the current time period.

I don’t want to spoil this movie. You truly have to experience it for yourself. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much. This movie is hysterical!

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