This blog exists for both me and for you. I love movies, and I want to share that passion. I have started to discover different types of movies than those that I have been watching, and I want other people to see them too. There are plenty of good movies out there that just get looked over at the box office, or don’t make it to every theater, both of which is angering. I hope to recommend a new favorite to someone. (If you’re looking for why a movie was rated the way it was, might I suggest you stumble upon movies.yahoo.com or www.rottentomatoes.com)

I will be covering multiple genres, so don’t go thinking I’m only going to be writing about chick-flicks and cartoons. Believe it or not, I used to the term ‘chick-flick’ to describe a movie to someone at work once, and the woman was like “What’s a chick-flick?” I thought that was funny.

Also, I just want to put it out there that I have no connections with these films; I’m just giving my opinion. And any photos I happen to use I’ll do my best to give credit for, because I most likely found them on the web.

So, check back soon, comment, let me know how I’m doing, and I hope you enjoy! And check out my Index page of all the movies I’ve covered!!

P.S. (I took the image for my header from the WordPress Theme: MistyLook by Sadish. I just couldn’t resist. It looks like something out of a movie, does it not? Love this picture!!)

2 Responses to About

  1. MawMawLette says:

    Well Mary, I read all of the sight. It just goes to prove I am old and out of touch. I do not recognize any actor names or titles of movies. I really prefer old movies because they did not make me afraid or creeped out, they were usually happy films or feel good films. I guess I’ll have to stay with Turner Classic Movies. Good movies are hard to find.

    • mlewis1214 says:

      Yeah, so far I’ve only posted about movies that have come out this year. But I feel it’s good for some movies to creep you out a little bit; it’s fun, but I can’t do a whole lot of those. 🙂 Turner Classic Movies is a good channel, though. I should watch it more often.

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