The Ref

Released 03/11/1994                              Rated:R

We’ve been trying to see this one for a while, and it just never happened. But thanks to the freak snow days GA just had, we were finally able to sit down and watch it. I wasn’t expecting a black comedy, and that may be why I didn’t love it at first, but having viewed it a second time, I think it’s beginning to grow on me. Continue reading

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Christmas with the Kranks

Released 11/24/2004                              Rated: PG

I remember seeing this movie in theaters, and not being as thrilled with it as I’d hoped. Having rewatched it for this blog, …yeah, gonna have to go with my original reaction on this one. It’s kinda forgettable. Very middle of the road. Which sucks, because at least it was a change of pace from most Christmas movies. Continue reading

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The Happening

Released 06/13/2008                              Rated: R

What the hell did I just watch? No, seriously……what did I just watch? Continue reading

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Released 10/02/2009                              Rated: R

So we missed this one when it came out. I want to say we’ve had people recommending it to us, and that’s the reason why we bought the blu-ray who knows how long ago, but I honestly can’t remember. We have a tendency in our house to purchase movies and never get around to watching them. That doesn’t happen so much any more now that the biggest contributor to that habit went out of business earlier this year. (My husband and I alone should have kept that store afloat with how often we were there, lol!) Not sure what I was expecting per say, but it wasn’t what I got. There are a few reasons as to why I probably didn’t care for this film. Continue reading

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Queen of the Damned

Released 02/22/2002                              Rated: R

This movie was confusing, and I read roughly half the book so I could at least piece together what was supposed to be going on. But the book was also confusing at first, and a chore to get through. I may go back and finish it one day, as difficult as it was for me to care, but I’ll definitely take the book over this movie. Continue reading

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Odd Thomas

Released 02/28/2014                              Rated: NR

I absolutely love this book. I’ve only made it through about half the series, but the first installment is the one that stands out in my mind. When my husband and I found out they were making a movie we did our best to keep tabs on it. I’m not sure this film ever hit theaters in the US– if it did it only came to one per city market– and it wasn’t advertised very much, so it most likely flew under most people’s radar. But we bought it the instant the DVD hit store shelves. Continue reading

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Released 09/22/2017                              Rated: R

This breaks my heart, but I was disappointed on every level with this film. I’m not going to lie, all this one did was make me want to rewatch The Secret Service to remember how amazing it is. This has never happened before; I’ve never been this let down, especially with such an anticipated movie. Continue reading

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