If you have a movie that you would like me to review, or even just check out, let me know about it!



* Just a disclaimer, not that anybody has even viewed this page, but there are a few types of movies that I will not watch.========================= —-1) the retarded comedies. I’m convinced they lower your I.Q. —————– [Scary Movie 16, Epic Movie, Vampires Suck] ===================== —-2) horror movies about people getting hacked up or stories based on true events about people killing people. ——[Saw VII, The Strangers, Vacancy] —-3) films where the plot line is to get laid. Morally against those; they just make me mad. ——[American Pie, Virginity Hit]

6 Responses to Requests!

  1. Randy says:

    wedding crashers 😀 good movie

  2. adrianwehunt says:

    Oooh oohh Ooh!! The Strangers!

  3. adrianwehunt says:

    Nosferatu, the Naked Gun series, Lethal Weapon, Loaded Weapon, Stranger than Fiction, American Beauty, One Hour Photo,

  4. adrianwehunt says:

    Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Spiderman Movies, Pulp Fiction, The XMen movies,

  5. bryan says:

    What are your thoughts on Looper?

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