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Released 06/08/1984                              Rated: PG I did it. I faced my demons. And by that I mean I rewatched this movie. There are certain movies from my childhood that I didn’t care for. Gremlins is the bigger offender. (I didn’t exactly … Continue reading

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Released 06/18/1982                              Rated: PG Out of all of the films I’m going to talk about today, I think this version is the one where we really get the most immersed in this world. Or at least it’s the one where … Continue reading

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Jaws 1-4

Jaws Released 06/20/1975                              Rated: PG I was shown this movie in preparation for our family trip and first time to Universal Studios Orlando, FL one summer. Obviously I wasn’t in love with it at the time, but I can appreciate … Continue reading

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The Princess Bride

Released 10/09/1987                           Rated: PG This film might be the most beloved movie of all time. It is definitely a phenomenon that has swept up fans of all generations. There is no denying the joy one gets from watching this movie. … Continue reading

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Evil Dead

Released: 1981                              Rated: NR So… I couldn’t take the pencil scene. It wasn’t until the very end that this movie became almost unbearable. I was watching that last fight going “Omg. Why am I watching this? Omg, omg!” Once

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Evil Dead II

Released 3/13/87                              Rated: NR Wth? So this was a very…. strange movie. I almost feel like

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The Thing

Released 6/25/82                              Rated: R What’s great about this movie is that it can be for everyone. For the simple viewer, who just wants a gory monster movie, and for the involved viewer, who looks a little deeper and wants to … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

Released 7/3/85                              Rated: PG Back to the Future has to be the best trilogy of all time, and it wasn’t even planned that way! Originally meant to be a single film, Back to the Future was nominated for

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Released 1982                              Rated: PG You just can’t deny the guilty pleasure that is Tootsie. Dustin Hoffman is just phenomenal playing an actor posing as an actress. The laughs just never stop coming. As an apparently very picky and particular actor, … Continue reading

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Steel Magnolias

Released 1989                              Rated: PG This is just the best movie. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it’ll stay with you forever. I showed it to my boyfriend and even he likes it. You just can’t go wrong … Continue reading

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