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One for the Money

Released 01/27/2012                              Rated: PG-13 I just started reading this series. The characters stand out to me more so than the mysteries do, but I’m liking it. I remember the poster for this movie, but I apparently don’t remember the trailer … Continue reading

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Thanks for Sharing

Released 09/06/2012                              Rated: R This is another movie I saw a trailer for, went “This looks good,” and never heard about it again. Luckily, I was able to find it at a second-hand store so that I could finally see … Continue reading

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Then vs. Now: Anna Karenina

Released 1948                              Rated: NR Before I left my TCM channel and the wonderful invention that is the DVR behind, I went through a period of searching for old/classic films to brush up on. And they must have been celebrating Vivien … Continue reading

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The Woman in Black

Released 2/3/12                              Rated: PG-13 The poster is enough to freak anyone out, and on multiple levels! Now, when you’re standing in front of a movie poster at the theater

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Hotel Transylvania

Released 9/28/12                              Rated: PG This movie was simply great; I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was a little worried. Everyone I talked to said that this movie wasn’t that good, even for kids. Well I may have just fallen in … Continue reading

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Underworld: Awakening

Released 1/20/12                              Rated: R I wish 3D movies could be “fixed” before being distributed on DVD. You can always tell what was supposed to be 3D, and on a regular DVD it just looks awful and completely unrealistic. Maybe

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Released 12/14/12                              Rated: PG-13 I personally don’t think this film is up to par with the previous trilogy. If you’re a purist, you’re probably going to have issues with it. A few things were changed and moved around, as always, … Continue reading

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