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Spy Kids

Released 03/30/2001                              Rated: PG “My parents can’t be spies! They’re not cool enough!” I’m not gonna lie, I kept putting off rewatching this movie because I was so afraid it was going to be much cheesier than I remembered. I … Continue reading

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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Released 11/11/94                              Rated: R I’ve always been in to vampires — this is before they became the next big craze, mind you. I don’t know what started it. Knowing me, it was probably when I started buying books. After a … Continue reading

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The Mask of Zorro

Released 7/17/98                              Rated: PG-13 The Mask of Zorro is a wonderful addition to any collection. It’s fun and action packed with just enough of a love story to tie it all together. Zorro is a character that has

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