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Up in the Air

Released 12/23/2009                              Rated: R For the most part, I liked it. It’s an interesting look on both lifestyle and relationship choices. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick are great as always. The majority of bigger names attached to this project had … Continue reading

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Alien: Covenant

Released 05/19/2017                              Rated: R More often than not I’ll walk into a theater just praying the movie doesn’t suck, but not actually holding my breath for a great film. I’m going to be honest: didn’t have high hopes for this movie. … Continue reading

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This Is The End

Released 6/12/13                              Rated: R I was hoping this was going to be better, but it was definitely catered to their established audience. The trailer made this look hilarious, but I, personally, didn’t find much very funny. It was like

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