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Released 09/15/2017                              Rated: R I remember seeing the teaser which was well done. It got me intrigued and didn’t tell me a damn thing about the film; the majority of it was Jennifer Lawrence walking through an empty house. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Released 2/28/14                              Rated: PG-13 We really enjoyed this movie. We thought this one was fantastic; visually, story-wise, casting, etc. We loved it! There is a lot of hate toward this movie, mainly because it isn’t exactly “by the book,” but it’s … Continue reading

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Black Swan

Released 12/3/10                              Rated: R This is one of those films where it ends and you just go “what the hell was that?” Please feel free to replace the word ‘hell’ in that phrase with any other word of your choice. … Continue reading

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