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There vs Here: [REC] / Quarantine

So, I’ve done a couple of “Then vs Now” posts about remakes. Lately, well… okay not lately, I’ve noticed certain horror films were inspired by films of the same nature in other countries. This concept intrigues me. I want to … Continue reading

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As Above So Below

Released 8/29/14                              Rated: R I enjoyed this film more so than my husband did. There are a few things I would have done differently, but overall I liked the movie. It’s more of a

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Paranormal Activity 4

Released 10/19/12                              Rated: R What the f*? I’m more confused than anything else at this point. Watching the trailer, having only seen the first movie, I didn’t

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End of Watch

Released 9/21/12                              Rated: R Intense. That is the main thing I’ve heard about the movie, and that is what I have to say after the movie. My note of advice if you’re going to see this in theaters: don’t sit … Continue reading

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Apollo 18

Released 9/2/11                              Rated: PG-13 So after seeing this movie my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out the aliens of the film. Thinking back on it I realized, actually I’ve heard this argument before, that

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The Fourth Kind

Released 11/6/09                              Rated: PG-13 This film was definitely interesting in how they made it. Sold as a true story, this movie actually continuously bounces back and forth (and sometimes both) between “actual footage” and an actor portrayal. Let me just … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity

Released 10/16/09                              Rated: R This movie freaked me the hell out, and I tried to not watch it most of the time, but obviously that didn’t help much. As I’ve said before, I scare easily, and I was not sleeping … Continue reading

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