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Released 05/22/2015                              Rated: PG-13 I’ve only seen the original Poltergeist, and I actually just saw it, like, this past Halloween. I didn’t grow up with it at all; that movie would have scared the crap out of me. But to … Continue reading

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Released 4/11/14                              Rated: R I liked the concept, but for a horror movie it didn’t scare me. This was more of a drama. I also felt like it didn’t have much consistency. Not so much that it couldn’t decide whether

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Paranormal Activity 4

Released 10/19/12                              Rated: R What the f*? I’m more confused than anything else at this point. Watching the trailer, having only seen the first movie, I didn’t

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Paranormal Activity

Released 10/16/09                              Rated: R This movie freaked me the hell out, and I tried to not watch it most of the time, but obviously that didn’t help much. As I’ve said before, I scare easily, and I was not sleeping … Continue reading

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