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One for the Money

Released 01/27/2012                              Rated: PG-13 I just started reading this series. The characters stand out to me more so than the mysteries do, but I’m liking it. I remember the poster for this movie, but I apparently don’t remember the trailer … Continue reading

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The Happening

Released 06/13/2008                              Rated: R What the hell did I just watch? No, seriously……what did I just watch?

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American Ultra

Released 08/21/2015                              Rated: R This movie is amazing. I feel like the critics who gave the film a bad rating just weren’t the target audience. How did this movie not “live up to its potential”? It was great! The action … Continue reading

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Released 5/9/14                              Rated: R I hadn’t even heard of Chef until it had been out a month. This movie is on its last legs at the theater, but I finally saw it. Everybody said it was good, and I’d have … Continue reading

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