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Singin’ in the Rain

Released 04/11/1952                              Rated: NR This is one musical that I didn’t grow up with, but absolutely love. It’s great on so many levels, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. If they decided to bring this … Continue reading

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Moviegoer Ramblings #3

Does ANYONE in Hollywood have an original idea?? In 2010 Tim Burton gave us a new take on Alice in Wonderland. A year later, we were given Red Riding Hood. And coming in 2012 there will be three different renditions … Continue reading

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Ramblings Of A Moviegoer #2

So a guy was hanging out in the hallway waiting for the previews on the movie he was about to watch to end. He said “once you’ve seen the trailer you’ve seen half the movie.” More cases than not that … Continue reading

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Ramblings Of A Moviegoer #1

So I don’t read magazines, but I mysteriously received one in the mail the other day and it had an awesome article in it. Tried to find it online to link to this post, but I couldn’t find it. Out … Continue reading

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