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The Nativity Story

Released 12/01/2006                              Rated: PG It absolutely blew my  mind when I discovered that Oscar Isaac played Joseph in this movie. Now that I know that, I can’t not see it. It’s incredible! And he has to be one of my … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Released 12/18/2015                           Rated: PG-13 This movie wasn’t even halfway through the first time we saw it in theaters, and I leaned over to my husband and went “This is amazing. We are totally reserving this at MovieStop.” (We don’t usually … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch

Released 3/25/11                              Rated: PG-13 Where to begin?? Despite all the reviews dubbing this movie as sub-par, this movie rocked! It wasn’t overdone, it wasn’t underdone, it was just brilliant. It had everything it needed, and for a PG-13 rating, it … Continue reading

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