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The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries Released 08/03/2001                              Rated: G I remember being so excited to see this movie when it came out. Never read the books. For some reason they just weren’t on my radar. But this movie had me itching to … Continue reading

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Released 6/22/12                              Rated: PG Pixar has done it again! Another amazing movie. What I loved the most was that the trailer didn’t give away anything. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie because I had no idea where it was going to … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Frog

Released 12/11/09                              Rated: G The Princess and the Frog was a very anticipated movie. Disney finally came back to its traditional style of movie making. I went searching down the list on IMDB.com and the last animated feature that followed … Continue reading

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Released 11/24/10                              Rated: PG Disney has found some of its old magic again! I haven’t been thrilled by a (solely) Disney animated film since Treasure Planet in 2002. Disney’s live-action as well as Pixar’s films are different stories, though. I … Continue reading

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Pan’s Labyrinth

Released 1/19/07                              Rated: R This film is simply a piece of art. I’ll admit that it took me a while to warm up to it. But after I watched it like five times to be able to write a paper … Continue reading

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