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There vs Here: [REC] / Quarantine

So, I’ve done a couple of “Then vs Now” posts about remakes. Lately, well… okay not lately, I’ve noticed certain horror films were inspired by films of the same nature in other countries. This concept intrigues me. I want to … Continue reading

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Then vs Now: The Parent Trap

Released 06/21/1961                              Rated: NR I have probably only seen this version once before recently viewing it for this post. I found it, and one other Hayley Mills movie I remember seeing as a child (The Trouble with Angels) at our … Continue reading

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Released 05/22/2015                              Rated: PG-13 I’ve only seen the original Poltergeist, and I actually just saw it, like, this past Halloween. I didn’t grow up with it at all; that movie would have scared the crap out of me. But to … Continue reading

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Ocean’s Eleven

 Released 12/7/01                              Rated: PG-13 I love this movie because it’s awesome. It’s smartly written and delivered perfectly. The  entire cast is brilliant from beginning to end. Heist films usually follow the general formula of:

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Little Women

Released 12/21/94                              Rated: PG This is another one of my favorites. Maybe it’s simply because I grew up with this one, but in my opinion this movie is flawless. I love everything about it: the characters,

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You’ve Got Mail

Released 12/18/98                              Rated: PG This is one of those awesome romantic comedies (or chick flicks) that has won over my heart. Remade from two movies in the 40s originally based off a play, You’ve Got Mail has –then– modernized the … Continue reading

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The Thing

Released 6/25/82                              Rated: R What’s great about this movie is that it can be for everyone. For the simple viewer, who just wants a gory monster movie, and for the involved viewer, who looks a little deeper and wants to … Continue reading

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released 4/30/2010                              Rated: R Ohmygoodness this movie was uber creepy!! Ok, now, I’m not a big horror fan; I freak out too easily–not so much when I’m watching the movie, but when I have to go to bed afterwards. LOL. … Continue reading

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